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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Erm... do I need to be heartless? Maybe, the answer is YES! This is due to I had been failed in about 5 relationships. It's just that I had been thinking to be a heartless as my friends told me that some of the boys felt comfortable with me as I am a caring and loving person. They also told me that boys can easily cheat me as they felt that I am a naive person. Huh! Did all the incidents before this where my fault? Do I made a mistake by being  caring and loving?
 I had been thinking to write this post as my friend text me last night. She asked me whether I am ok or not. I am trying to be ok and plain. But, inside of me I still feel the pain. erm.. It's ok. Only Allah knows the best for me. For this time being, I hope that I can manage my heart and my feeling from falling to someone that is not sincere with me.


* for those who were in a relationship, think about your partner's feeling before doing something.
* I hope that YOU will be happy with HER.

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