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Friday, December 24, 2010

Self Protection.. ^_^...

Hurm.. almost a month I did'nt write anything here... so, today I'm going to share to all of u, what I read from CLEO magazine..

To help Prevent unhealthy eating habits and thoughts about foof and your body, make an effort to :-
  • Banish the "D" Word : Instead of calling it a diet, think of your food plan as a lifestyle change and investment in lengevty and good health.
  • Always eat three healthy meals a day : This will keep your metabolism, energy and moods in good shape.
  • Throw away your scales : Put them in a hard-to-reach place in the garage and only weigh yourself once  a week.
  • Spring clean your wardrobe : to get rid of all the clothes you've been holding on to just on case you ever manage to lose 5 kilos - they remind you of what you're not instead of you accepting the shape you are.
  • Notice and challenge negative thoughts about your body and focus on your assets e.g. " I have pretty eyes."
  • Look at other women : notice how they come in all shapes and sizes. Pick out attractive women who have shapely build or unusual but compelling faces - if you find them appealing you can surely learn to see yourself as attractive as well.
reference : CLEO November 2010 issue no. 181 ^_^..

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